RevCascade Weekly – February 7

Imran Amed & Kate Abnett report in Business of Fashion on Burberry’s bold move to combine its men’s and women’s runway shows together in two annual events, with both collections available to buy immediately after in Burberry Aligns Runway and Retail Calendar in Game-Changing Shift

Shelly Banjo writes in Bloomberg Gadfly on the consequences of Amazon beginning to focus on profitability while no longer always offering the lowest prices to consumers in Amazon’s Path To Profitability

Mark Walsh details in the Guardian how, with over 800,000 ecommerce sites, having a brick and mortar presence is another omnichannel competitive advantage in The future of e-commerce: bricks and mortar

Retail and digital expert Andrea Wasserman writes on Medium about the biggest digital themes shaping the future of the industry at NRF’s The Big Show in 5 Digital Takeaways from Retail’s BIG Show (+ 3 from the after-parties)

Over at the Chron, Mike D. Smith provides a great breakdown on consumer spending on Super Bowl Sunday by the 188.9 million expected to watch in Survey: Super Bowl consumer spending could top $15 billion

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