The RevCascade Network allows brands and retailers to discover one another and start dropshipping through our platform immediately.

 We Love Brands

Brands know the power of ecommerce, the power of marketplaces, and the power of dropshipping. Join the RevCascade Network and access new retailers today!

Find New Retail Partners and Start Selling Today. 

Here’s How: 
RevCascade simplifies ecommerce by managing the details of dropshipping—product management, inventory, and sales data—automatically, in one easy-to-operate platform. 

 Upload Product Information

First, load your product information into RevCascade’s cloud-based, next-generation product information management system. Retailers can then view and request access to sell your products, but you retain control over assortment and pricing per retailer.

 Order Management

Access all orders from all dropship retailers in a single, consolidated view. You can even print custom packing slips and shipping labels directly from the console. High volume customers can inquire about additional automated connection options including API and EDI.

 Custom Reporting

With all of your dropship data in one place, actionable insights are at your fingertips. You can also design custom reports based on all of your data.