Rapidly Launch, Operate, & Scale
Your Custom Dropship Program

RevCascade helps retailers transform their business
by removing the complexity of creating
a dropship program.

The upside is yours.

The RevCascade Advantage

RevCascade helps retailers, ranging from startups to Fortune 500 companies, transform their business by offering their consumers an increased selection of products with zero inventory risk.

RevCascade believes that there is an important distinction between a marketplace and a dropship program. While marketplaces may be an endless aisle of products, a dropship program gives the retailer control to match their dropship products with their in-house merchandising strategy. That’s why we have built robust tools to allow our retailers to select products and negotiate with their vendors directly in the platform.

When it comes to dropship programs, RevCascade believes that the technology should adapt to the retailer’s business model. We have built our platform to be flexible for both our retailers and their vendors; we offer multiple ways to connect with us, including API, EDI, and leveraging our portal.

RevCascade believes that dropshipping is still in its infancy; there is a lot of opportunity for both retailers and vendors to tap into. Our pricing let’s retailers ease into launching a dropship program without significant setup costs, and our technology can help you launch a program in just 4-6 weeks!

The RevCascade Complete Dropshipping Platform


The Leadership Team

Josh Wexler

Co-Founder, CEO

Josh Wexler is a serial entrepreneur who has built several global companies in a variety of industries ranging from retail and consumer products to media and publishing. He is passionate about bringing new ideas to market, building great teams, and creating value.

Prior to founding RevCascade, Josh built the Rubicon Project (NYSE:RUBI) from a pre-revenue startup to a publicly traded company. He was previously co-founder and CEO of SWMX (SoftWave Media Exchange), a media exchange that automated the radio, cable, and television advertising industry.

He also co-founded Hypnotic Hats Ltd. (HYP), a global apparel and accessories company whose products were sold by major retailers including Fred Segal, Bloomingdale’s, and Foot Locker, among others.

Kyle Stainer

Co-Founder, SVP Product & Engineering

A southern California native, Kyle became the Rubicon Project’s first product manager in 2008. Seven years and an IPO later, Kyle emerged from Rubicon as a product leader responsible for developing many of Rubicon’s most innovative products.

As RevCascade’s SVP Product & Engineering, Kyle designs mockups and prototypes, writes specs and code, and onboards and supports RevCascade customers.

Samantha Henderson

Co-Founder, President

Prior to her work at RevCascade, Samantha completed her MBA at UCLA and worked in the home furnishings industry as well as the Rubicon Project.

She played key roles in Operations, Account Management, and Product as well as running the $100+ million advertiser side of the company. Samantha received her undergraduate degree from New York University with internships at Chanel and W Magazine. Here at RevCascade. Samantha is responsible for business development and operations.